is best defined by a Fashion Week minimalist aesthetic, at high-street prices.
Our inspiration comes from the minimalist aesthetic, geometry, the origami techniques, juxtapositions, and of course, anything we find in our travels that align with our DNA. 
We love to take long walks and explore new cities, drink cortados while people watching, read the Monocle on a lazy Sunday, to feel fabrics and textures, listed to our favourite podcast on a long commute, take photos we never post for the world to see. If you're one of us, we would love to hear from you, make suggestions, and maybe grab a coffee one day. 


Lou Black

is a contemporary womenswear brand, defined by timeless pieces, and feminine silhouettes.
The inspiration behind Lou Black is a strong woman, that loves to travel, to be active, and to use her femininity to feel empowered. 
There is something special in being able to see details, and appreciating small things that make your clothes as unique as you.
Our designs are just that - unique pieces, that might look the same on a rail, but have up-cycled pieces of fabrics, that were hand picked and given a new life cycled, and used an exquisite dress, or a skirt, that will be with it's new owner for years to come.