Memory Lane

“Your memories have a post code” or that’s what Acurrator is trying to capture in their new capsule collection.

Our London based start-up brand, have been known for a minimalist aesthetic, as well as a sustainable approach to the industry. Early this year, they have joined forces with other sustainable brands, and starting working under the same umbrella: Krea Group.
The inspiration for the brand is urban geometry, that they now took to a different level - a satellite one, if you will.
In their latest project, Acurrator used end-of-the-line premium fabrics, that they digital print, to make a unisex jacket, a shirt, and a few pieces with printed details of a satellite street view map.
The collection was originally designer with the Notting Hill London area, but can be personalized and printed with any other place in the world, making it a unique piece. The premium waterproof jacket is reversible to a neutral navy side, and can be tailored-made to perfection.
Talking about telling a lot about a person by looking at their clothes, not to mention how perfect this would be as a Christmas present! Yes P-L-E-A-S-E 
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